Why Lord?!

The unthinkable happened Monday. I deleted my entire website, database and all and I can’t recover it. It totally sucks and I’m sad about it, but I’m using it as a silver lining because I am re-branding currently. My domain name will still be Whiskey and Whiteout for now, at least until my year is up for it, but I will be moving to The Urban Goddess around the beginning of the New Year. I want to focus on content about living a green and healthy-ish lifestyle, but I also want to make sure it stays balanced. I hope that this doesn’t confuse the 12 readers I currently have, LOL.

This website will focus on food, health, fitness and lifestyle, as well as the mind, body and spirit aspect of my life that I want to talk more about. Think Ayesha Curry mixed with Rihanna with a dash of Erykah Badu. I think that it will allow you guys to see more of my personality and allow me to showcase the things I am passionate about. So bear with me as I make these changes. I hope you guys continue to find value from my content.

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