I Completed the Whole30

As of yesterday I have finished the Whole30. I am proud of myself for finishing something to completion. It’s been a while since I’ve done that to be honest. January was literally the perfect time to do it, as it helped me reset my focus and become more intuitive about my eating. I have been so focused on food and weight loss the last year or so that I forgot what’s actually important. The Whole30 helped me get back to listening to my body and its hunger cues, instead of focusing on the amount of food and calorie counting.

For those that were wondering, I did weigh myself, even though you aren’t supposed to. Oh well. I lost 5 lbs and 2% bodyfat in 30 days. This is without a crazy workout schedule (I started doing Kayla Istines Stronger challenge on the Sweat app halfway through, but I still wasn’t counting calories or restricting my eating).

Whole30 Takeaways

  • meal planning is key, so pick a day and do prep your meal for at least 3-4 days
  • listen to your body; eat when your hungry, drink when your thirsty, and make good food choices
  • the program made me gassy and bloated, which was interesting, so be mindful of digestive issues in the first 7-10 days or so
  • I didn’t notice any difference in my energy levels
  • It made me more creative while cooking

Was it life changing? No, not for me, but everyone is different. I ate relatively clean and healthy to begin with, so I’m sure I didn’t notice some of the changes others may have. Do I recommend it? Yes, totally. Even if not for the diet aspect of it, just for the challenge and structure it gives you.

Have you completed the Whole30? If not, would you? Let me know in the comments below!


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