Valentine 2017 Recap

Valentine’s Day was really fun and laid back this year. I woke up early and make breakfast (blueberry waffles, bacon, and eggs). I also gave bae his gifts, which were tickets to a concert, a Lovebook, and 2 lbs of the Doubletree cookie dough. He was super happy and they were really easy and thoughtful gifts.

I happened to be in Nashville last week and we got to stop by the Christie Cookie Company, who makes the famous Doubletree cookie dough that they use in their hotels. It’s awesome to be able to bake them at home since we love the cookies so much.

The Lovebook is a great gift for the person who has everything. You can personalize the book even down to the stick figure characters. It’s a super cute gift for your sweetheart, parent, or kid. They currently have a discount code SAVETEN for 10% off.

I was cooked dinner, which was crab legs, asparagus, and stuff crab, with plenty of wine 🙂 I was also ran a bubble bath which I really enjoyed using my Lush bubble bars and bath bombs. It was simple and relaxing and a great prequel to my real gift, which is a trip to New Orleans this weekend that I am really looking forward to.

All in all it was a great night.

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