5 Tips for Spin Class Newbies

I finally did it. I bit the bullet and tried a few spin classes. I was convinced I would hate it, but I was looking for some variety in my Classpass selections and said what the hell. Surprisingly, I fell in love. Now I typically hate most group class settings but spinning is different. The combination of the cardio endorphins, the darkness of the room, the awesome playlists, and the competition against other riders made it something I have been craving. It has taken the monotony out of my cardio, and it goes by super fast. Here are a few tips for your first spin class, so you don’t make the same rookie mistakes I did.

Spin Class Tips for First-Timers

    1. Pack Socks. Maybe this is a given, but I don’t like wearing socks most of the time, so this is just a reminder to weirdos like me.
    2. Arrive at least 10 minutes early. You need time to check-in, possibly get a tour, and get your bike adjusted. If you get there late, the class will be dark and the music will be blasting and you will look like an incompetent asshole struggling to get setup, like I did. Don’t be me.

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  1. Adjust your bike to the right level for you. Your bike seat should be at crotch level, and your handlebars should be even or slightly higher than your seat. Once you clip into your bike pedals (ask for help for Christ sake if it’s your first time) you can adjust the distance of your handlebars from your body.
  2. You will need water and a towel. It’s a great workout if you’re really pushing yourself. Listen to the instructor when they tell you what to adjust your bike to, and what position you need to be on.
  3. Enjoy yourself! Get lost in the music and the darkness and ride out!


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