Parasite Cleanse Day 2

Woke up around 7:20. I really need to get better at getting up at a decent time and hour. I need to get up at least an hour before I’m scheduled to leave for work. I HAVE to do better. UGH. Was running late so I grabbed all my supplements and food and threw it in a bag and hightailed it out. I was actually running late because of a BM that took 15 minutes. But man do I feel refreshed. No signs of anything creepy crawly though. LOL. Sorry if that was TMI.

Weight: 224.3

Not sure why I went up .3 of a lb, but whatever.

I worked until 7pm, so I had everything available I needed. I felt fine. i don’t feel deprived or hungry, but tomorrow will be a different beast as I am just having straight juice and water all day. UGH. Wish me luck.

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