The New Year Cleaning Purge Has Commenced


Happy Holidays everyone! I spent a great weekend with friends and family and I thoroughly enjoyed myself. This was our first holiday in the house and I had a great one. I even decorated a bit. We didn’t get a tree but I put up lights and decorated the mantle. I can’t wait to add to my decor each year. Oh, and a great way to do that is to hit the holiday clearance at your favorite stores. I went to Target yesterday and got half off on a few christmas items. BTW, is it weird how early stores put out items for the next holiday? I think it’s a little earlier to have Valentines Day things out, but maybe that’s just me. It’s not even the new year yet.

Our mantle this year

Now that’s its over I am spending the remaining time before the New Year purging, tidying up and organizing my home. I hate hate hate cleaning, but it’s a necessarily evil. Since I am not naturally good at cleaning and organizing, I have to tackle it in chunks. I have learned that it is easy to clean when you don’t have as much stuff around. Each day this week I will be tackling a room in my house and organizing and cleaning it from top to bottom. So far I have done my the main floor of the house. Now it’s time to do the other areas, and on the front end I am not looking forward to it, but on the back end I know it will look great. The plan moving forward is to do this once every quarter.

I have broken it down into chunks, because I know many people like me will not be able to tackle this all in one day. I have been spending, on average, about 2 hours each day doing this. I’ll make it enjoyable as possible, throw on some music and I light my candles and I get to work. No phone, no distractions, just straight into it. It’s actually kind of therapeutic, once you get done and see your accomplishments. Let me know how you guys are doing in the comments below. I would love to know any tips and tricks you are using to make cleaning  and organizing  easier!

The New Year Purge List

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