Keep the Weight Off Naturally at Thanksgiving

We all know it’s probably going to happen, and we all dread it. Weight gain is probably going to happen. That extra squishy 10 lbs or so we gain between Thanksgiving and Christmas. We hate it, but it feels unavoidable, right? Well, it can be with a little prep and follow through. Here are some tips that will keep your jeans fitting all winter long, and they are super easy to do.


Natural Weight Maintenance Tips

  • Drink you water with apple cider vinegar. ACV is good for you in so many different ways, but it’s also a natural fat burner. I start my day with an ounce of it diluted in 3-4 cups of water.
  • Active fasting, if you know you are going to be eating a large amount of holiday food at some point in the day, fast for the 12-16 hours before or after. Choose to eat your meals in the 8-12 hour timeframe of that day. Intermittent fasting helps keep weight off by keeping your body in a insulin-buring fat loss state.
  • Exercise- go to the gym a little heavier than you normally would on the days leading up and the days after a big feast. Also, most gyms tend to be open (usually 8-2 or something similar) on Thanksgiving and Christmas Eve, so use it to your advantage and get a quick workout in.
  • Cut the carbs before your feast. Since you will probably be loading up later, have a small protein packed meal with veggies or fibrous fruits.
  • Stay hydrated-water is your best friend after all the salt and carbs you’re going to consume.
  • Pay attention to your plate. Try a little bit of everything on ONE PLATE and don’t pile it up. Enjoy your meal and your family and friends that are around. Eat slow and pace yourself. Remember that your eyes are bigger than your stomach. Besides, you can always come back for seconds or take a plate to go.
  • Walk-take a walk and catch up with friends or family or have a game of touch football or something similar afterwards. It’s a great way to get active for a bit and help to burn all those extra calories.

turkey-girl weight

Last but not least it ENJOY YOURSELF! The holidays are for family and friends and if you are blessed to have them during the holidays, don’t worry about the rest. Have fun!

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