My Thoughts on The Happiness Planner

This year I chose the Happiness Planner. I have seen them circling my social media for the last year or so. They are super cute, and have several color and binding formats to choose from. I love their message of positivity and mindful living. Plus, the daily layout was unique compared to a lot of other planners I’ve seen, since I don’t need a full daily schedule layout, and I like to focus more on my to-do’s of the day. I went with the A5 insert for 2018, and used a rose gold binder I got from Michaels.

I don’t know what it is about planners/agendas, but I love them. Even as a kid, I loved when we got a new one at school at the beginning of each year. It’s something about writing lists and plans and to-dos that just makes me really happy. Maybe I’m just weird, LOL. In that weirdness, I actually spend weeks determining what planner to use each year. I look at layouts, inserts, calendar formats, etc. of many brands of planners before I decide which one to use.

Daily Layout page
Stickers that were included with my order.
Front cover

Happiness Planner Pros

  • Love the layout! I’m a fan of page-a-day planners.
  • Motivational Quotes on every page
  • Schedule column is perfect for people whose days don’t vary much

Happiness Planner Cons

  • Not enough room on the to-do list
  • The meal column is small and unnecessary (in my opinion)
  • Tabs are a little flimsy (I think they should be laminated)
  • There should be a weekly planning page, similar to the monthly planning page

I am looking forward to seeing how much use I get out of this planner this year. What’s planner system are you using this year? Let me know in the comments!

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