Get Fit Challenge: Week 4 Recap

Week 4 was really chill, I just stuck to the plan with IIFYM and working out. I really like HIIT workouts and Flywheel spin classes. I like for my workouts to be varied and be done as quickly as possible. I also like weight lifting, but only when I’m on my own.

Eating has been a challenge, as I am somewhat of a binge eater. I am doing my best to control it, and IIFYM gives me a little bit more control, because I can eat what I’m craving most of the time. This month I lost about 10 lbs and 6 inches. I feel good, and my workouts have been easier. I am getting stronger and I love it.

Going into month 2, I will be really focusing on increasing my endurance capacity and trying new workouts. I will also be following my macros a lot more closely and focusing on fat loss. Part of this will be incorporating more protein into my diet and fiber in my diet, which I have been slacking on lately.

Here’s to month 2! Looking forward to seeing the changes in my body!

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