Get Fit Challenge Week 2 Recap: How I meal prep

This past week was good. I got in some great workouts, and pretty much stuck to my meal plan/prep for the week. Last weigh-in I had puts me at 7lbs down since the 1st, but I’m sure I’ve lost a bit more, since it’s been a couple of days. I got in a few workouts, but I fell short on one of my Nike Runs last week. It was due to poor planning on my part, but I’ve noted it and will do better this week.

My energy has been increasing. I have been focusing on eating mostly non-processed foods that I’ve cooked myself. I like to cook, so this hasn’t been hard to maintain. I plan my meals on Saturday, and I grocery shop and meal prep on Sundays. I typically make 4-5 portions of lunch and dinner meals. Honestly, it’s a little work on the front end, but the piece of mind and time I save throughout the week makes up for it 10-fold.

My main focus this week is to get my Nike Runs in, stick to my meal plan for the week, and enjoy my weekend without regret. I am going to LA and plan to eat and drink what I want. I am also going to get a few fun workouts/hikes in while I’m there, and have some fun with my family.

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