Florida Water: Why and Why

Florida water is a ancestral tool for spiritual protection, cleansing & blessing. It was created to be a cologne and became a staple by healers and spiritual workers for its ability to attract good fortune, raise the vibration of whatever & whomever it comes into contact with, warding off negative energy and welcoming benevolent spirits. I keep a bottle of it at all times and I love to spray a little after I clean the house, which is also when I typically burn sage and palo santo wood to keep the good energy flowing in my home.

Florida water is a alcohol and water based blend of essential oils & herbs and it is these fragrant botanical ingredients that bestow Florida water the amazing properties mentioned above. It can be used as a base to any spiritual, magical or energetic works. You may choose to add some to a bath, clean your home with it, anoint yourself and others with it, cleanse your crystals, use it in rituals and/ or on your altars, in your works as a energy worker & healer, wash your clothes & spray your linens with it and many other things.

florida water

Be mindful when using it, that because of the high alcohol content, it can stain surfaces and remove finishes from wood, so spray lightly. Murry and Lanman’s Florida Water is the most common commercial brand of Florida Water. You can find it easily online, and in many corner stores. Spiritual stores and Hispanic markets often carry it, as well as a few Chinese markets. There are many handmade options out there as well on Etsy, and other places. I make and sell my own blend and I use it for any and everything.  Each batch is slightly different because I use whatever aromatic flowers and herbs are available at the time.

My Florida Water Recipe

  • 2/3-1 cup of vodka (I use Everclear)
  • 1 cup of filtered water
  • orange and grapefruit peel
  • orange essential oil
  • 2 tbl whole cloves
  • 1-2 vanilla bean pods
  • jasmine petals
  • rose petals
  • lavender oil
  • rose oil

I do 5-6 drops of each oil with the exception of the orange, in which I do 10-12 drops. I combine all ingredients in a mason jar and let it sit for a full moon cycle.


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