We’re Engaged! My Engagement Story

If you follow along on my social media, you probably already know this, but Clark proposed to me last Saturday. He surprised me with a trip to New Orleans under the premise to celebrate my birthday. We left work early on Friday and drove a rental car down to Louisiana. I was sick all day with what was left of my sinus infection, so I was doped up and feeling terrible all day. I couldn’t even breath out of my nose. He was super sweet and went to get me medicine at midnight.

The next morning (Saturday) I was feeling better, so we got dressed to head out for the day. Clark told me that he had a breakfast place to take me to. Being the foodie I am, I bombarded him with a ton of questions about where we were going and he gave me very vague answers. We wound up at Audubon Park, and he told me that the restaurant was in the middle of the park. I was suspicious at this point, because I felt that I should have known about this restaurant. While this was going on, I noticed a guy who looked a lot like Clark’s best friend Adam, standing in the park, and I mentioned it. I didn’t think much of it at the time, but I thought it was a funny coincidence.

We parked the car and proceeded into the park. We wound up sitting at a bench next to the lake inside the park,  while he “got directions” to where the restaurant was. As we were gathering up our stuff and I turned to walk back to the path, and when I looked back Clark was on his knee with the ring. When he got back up I realized that our friend Jennifer (Adam’s fiancée) was photographing everything. She’s a super talented photographer, so she captured the moment and we proceeded with an impromptu engagement shoot.

The whole experience was amazing! I love our photos and my ring. It’s a marquise-cut rose gold ring. Exactly what I wanted! Special thanks to Union Diamond for creating it! Now on to planning! We are hoping to have a December wedding in Miami if things work out. It’s super quick for planning a wedding, so I’m already balls deep. Wish me luck!

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