December Monthly Tarot Spread

December is a month of renewal, love and personal transformation. It’s the perfect time to get your thoughts and affairs in order to get ready for the energy that comes with the New Year.

December Tarot Spread

december tarot

  • Week 1: The Death card symbolizes things coming to an end. It is the ultimate start fresh card, meaning the first week of December is a great time to start on new goals and habits. I personally will be focusing on some new goals myself. This is also a great time to clean out your house, burn some sage, and focus on the new year starting in less than a month!
  • Week 2: The Queen of Swords card  going into week 2 is telling you to focus on intellectual understanding and judgement for decisions, instead of using a more emotional approach. This will be the time for you to focus on the facts of the situation. Decide what is really important and worth staying in your life at this point, and either keep it or move on.
  • Week 3: The Star comes into play in week 3 as you move forward with the decisions made in week 2 and trust your personal beliefs and intuition. The Star card is all about your destiny so hone in on it as it will lead you in the right path to your goals and wishes.
  • Week 4: Having the 2 of Cups this week come into play is perfect considering the holiday coming up and the family and friends you will ultimately be around. It is a great time to talk any issues you may be having in communication with others and the energy at this time will allow for you both to come to mutual and respectful agreements. This is also a good time to set up partnerships in love and business, or work out the kinks in existing ones.

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