Ludacris Chicken and Beer Restaurant Review

Ludacris opened his restaurant Chicken + Beer this month at the Hartsfield Airport in Concourse D near gate D5. It’s  named after his third album. I stopped in before my flight a couple of days ago. I have been wanting to try it since it just opened.

My Restaurant Review: 4/5 Stars

First things first I ordered a drink. I got a mint julep, it had pretty presentation, but (and I can’t believe I’m saying this) too much liquor, almost tasted like a syrupy minty shot. Mint juleps are refreshing and easy to drink, maybe a little more  seltzer and a little less sugar. It was $13.50


As my entree I ordered the small Shrimp and grits. It was a decent sized portion for one person for a lunch dish. It was amazing! The dish features succulent shrimp like 3 or 4 pieces and also included bacon, tomatoes, spinach and corn. The au jous was delicious, and the dish was not too heavy, the shrimp were perfect, and the creamy grits perfectly cooked $14 on the appetizer part of the menu, although it definitely holds its own as a entree.


Noni my server was a gem. And she talked me into dessert which was a Bourbon peach shortcake. It was cold, in my opinion the cake should be a little warm but it was good, featured cream and the peaches were perfectly sweet. She brought the peanuts on side and I preferred it. Maybe more crushed peanuts and not whole, throws texture off. $6


I travel a lot for work so I will be back to try the featured chicken. Great job guys! I definitely see this becoming a really popular place in the airport. It would also do well as a standalone restaurant somewhere as well!

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