Cascara: Why I’m Digging the New Starbucks Latte

Starbucks just release the Cascara Latte. I tried it yesterday for the first time and I like it. It’s not super sweet which is a plus for me, while also still packing the caffeinated punch I need. Here’s a little more info about it.

What is Cascara?

While most people think of coffee in its dried “bean” form, the beverage actually “begins its life inside a coffee cherry, two pale light green beans surrounded by a round, ripe, red fruit,” according to Starbucks. The new Cascara Latte,  is made with flavors from the fruit of the coffee cherry.

cascara coffee cherry

“Cascara is Spanish for ‘husk,’ and we are taking the fruit of the coffee cherry to give our latte a subtle, slightly sweet flavor,” said Erin Marinan from Starbucks Beverage Research and Development team.

The drink combines espresso with steamed milk and syrup, topped with foam, which is then finished with a topping, which is made with cascara extract and cane sugar. It’s made from the parts of coffee that are normally discarded when brewing regular lattes. The limited edition latte is naturally lightly sweetened“The Cascara Latte has a nice dark brown sugar and maple flavor that is subtly sweet,” Marinan said.

The beverage will be available in stores in the United States through the winter while supplies last.

image via starbucks

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