The Best Tools for Curly Hair

My hair is considered by the natural hair community to be Type 3 hair. To narrow it down, I would say it’s a mixture of 3b and 3c. It can go from curly to frizzy real quick. I have to make sure that I keep it moisturized and maintained.

That being said, after 15 years or so of doing my own hair I have made many a mistake and I have also learned a lot about my hair. I have finally figured out what it needs to be healthy and look good. In the last 10 years I have also seen an abundance of products finally be made for my hair. I am happy and grateful for that. Long gone are the days of Blue Magic hair grease and Pink hair lotion. My mom used to slather in mess into my hair (no wonder I had bad dandruff as a child).

Now there are lots and lots of options for products and tools for any and every hair type and texture. Today, I am going to focus on tools and not actual products. There are a few tried and true tools that I have found work perfect for my hair. The products I use have changed based off price point and new engineering and formulas. I definitely use different things at different times of the year. However, the tools haven’t changed much for me. Here are some of my favorites.

Tools for Curly “Type 3” Hair

  • Wide tooth plastic combs: you can find these at pretty much any beauty supply or drug store, but make sure they are the “good” plastic ones and not the cheap hard plastic ones that break easily. The wider tooth, the better. These are typically less than $5 and last a long time. If I didn’t lose mine all the time I would have the same one, lol. I use them in the shower to detangle and work product through my hair.curly hair shower comb


  • Microfiber towels: these are a new one for me. Microfiber towels are a lifesaver and I am mad that I didn’t use them sooner. They absorb more water from your hair than the regular cotton towel and they are also more gentle and don’t rough up the texture of your hair as much. I typically wear mine turban-style secured with a thick hair band for at least an hour to soak up a majority of the water out of my hair before I style it. They are typically less than $10 at most stores and I have even scored them for less at TJ Maxx or Ross.curly hair towel
  • The Tangle Teezer (or the knock-off ones) I love my knock-off Tangle Teezer. It works amazing to detangle dry hair. I love it! I don’t know how or why exactly it works, but I wish my mom had it when I was younger. It definitely would have saved me some heart and head-aches. I got my knock-off one for $7, but click the link above for the real one from Sephora.




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