Aligning Your Cycle with the Moon

I was excited to talk about this because I’ve never paid attention to it and it happened to me this month. My cycle synched up with the full moon. That means I’m close to synching up with the new moon, which is optimal. I will be synced correctly during the month of June.

What does the moon have to do with hormones?

Women’s menstrual cycles are wired to be in sync with the moon. In all early societies, before industrialism and processed foods disrupted traditional cultures, all women ovulated at the full moon and menstruated at the new moon. This is every woman’s intrinsic default setting… this is how we are meant to be. Hormonal disruption, however, causes biological chaos in our menstrual cycle. Humans are intrinsically connected to Mother Nature, and I believe, as science progresses, we will get more and more glimpses into this uncomprehendingly complex connection.

White Moon: If your body follows a White Moon cycle, you’ll tend to bleed during the new or waning moon. Since biodynamics have shown that the earth is most fertile during full moons (when you ovulate), this cycle is most traditionally linked to fertility and motherhood. If you are a “White Moon” woman, you’ll likely feel a surge in your intuition during your period, and will feel the urge to withdraw for nourishment and self-renewal. In other words, you’re tapped out energetically and have given the month your all—it’s “you” time.

Red Moon: This cycle follows the full moon, meaning that your body bleeds during the waxing or full moon and is most fertile during the new or waning moon. Because full and waxing moon phase energies are outgoing, vibrant, and creative, some feel this is counterintuitive to menstruation. Not so. In ancient times, the Red Moon cycle was associated with shamanism, high priestesses, and healers. Women who tend to menstruate with the full moon are said to focus their “darker” and more creative menstrual energies outward, rather than inward, in order to nourish and teach others from their own experience. Many times, women with this cycle will be more focused on self-growth, development, mentorship, and creativity.

Syncing Your Period to the Moon

Now that you know your cycle a bit better, you might find that you prefer to bleed with the dark moon and ovulate with the bright, full moon, there are ways to realign your cycle’s energy over time.

Light + Dark
Obviously, light plays a huge role in our bodies’ natural rhythms, and with smartphones, computers, TVs, and artificial-light pollution, it’s no wonder most of us are out of whack. So, the first step to get in sync is to align your circadian, or sleep, rhythm: Keep your home light during daylight hours, preferably with sunlight, and dark during night time. During the daytime, try to wear sunglasses as minimally as possible—especially during ovulation—and keep lights dim and soft at night.

Moonlight plays a huge role in our monthly rhythms, regardless of whether your live in an urban or more rural area. Sleeping with a 100-watt light bulb on during the five to six days of the full moon—and sleeping in complete darkness for the rest of the month—has shown to regulate menstruation. Just being in natural moonlight is incredibly healthy, physically and energetically, so take time to appreciate Luna during the full moon. Hang out outside, take a walk, or just open the blinds during her five days of brightness, and you’ll feel a change.

Crack a Window
Yup, getting back to nature can be as simple as opening your bedroom window. No matter the season, allowing natural air to circulate is essential, along with taking in the sounds of birds, trees, and the weather. Keeping several houseplants in your bedroom is another brilliant way to up the ante on nature’s presence in your home, and in your cycle.

Entering the Red Tent: Time for YourselfNo matter when you menstruate, it is essential that you reclaim the time of your period as yours and yours alone, in whatever unique way you see fit. The first three days of menstruation are the most intense energetically, and it’s okay to give yourself a pass to take it easy, work from home, or cancel plans during this time. Listen to what your body is telling you; if you want to be alone, be alone, and if you want to go out, blow off some steam with your girls at the bar, then go for it. Some women abstain from sex during menses to guard their physical space, while others are hornier than a frightened porcupine (hey, it’s your hormones a-raging!). Don’t be shy to let others know what you need during this time; tell your roommate you’re on edge, your partner you need nurturing, or your parents that you need some space—a little understanding goes a long way.

Letting Go (Emotionally)  For ladies with normal periods, menstruation is a helpful message from your reproductive system letting you know that all’s well and healthy. Energetically, periods can be a time of massive emotional release. Think of all the crap you’ve endured during the previous weeks—disappointments, excitements, stress, anxiety, sadness, even contentment—our bodies absorb those emotions’ energies like a sponge, and it’s widely believed that menstruation is a powerful time of purging those toxins. Many of us find that we’re emotionally fraught during this time with rapid mood swings, and that’s okay. There’s no shame in crying to Adele, laughing at reality TV, or having to scream into a pillow. Allowing yourself to feel all the feelings will clean the slate and rid yourself of the pent-up emotions you’ve sucked up, strengthening you for the next month’s challenges, leaving you more in touch with how different emotional energies affect you in the long run.

Ritualize It!

You likely have your own rituals in place for your period (hello, Oreos-and-Netflix marathons, anyone?). Embrace those, and don’t be afraid to go a little nuts with self-indulgence. Shut the world out and finally use that Lush Bath Bomb this month, buy yourself a trinket that gives you a thrill, and don’t you dare feel obligated to restrict your diet, unless of course, you have a medical condition that requires that.


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