Hello December: 3 Things Lists

3 Personal Goals

  1. Wake up by 6/7 am (weekday/weekend) everyday: I’m tired of rushing and being flustered in the morning, and I want to give myself enough time to eat breakfast, walk my dog, load the dishwasher and/or washer and meditate
  2. Finish the Katy Hearn workout program- I am on week 2 and I love it. I won’t complete it but I want to stay on track with it and follow through on the workouts.
  3. Meditate and/or Journal everyday-I fell off from this so I want to get back on track with it. It helps calm and center my thoughts and its also a way for me to wind down at the end of the day.

Bonus: Get house completely organized before the new year.

3 Things I want to do

  1. Decorate the house for Christmas-this is big for me as this is my favorite time of the year, I have so much space to cover and I can’t wait to make it warm and cozy and fun for the holiday!
  2. Have a vision board party-it’s currently in the works and I look forward to planning for the new year and connecting with my friends for a good time
  3. Send out Christmas Cards- I want to do a shoot within the next week or so and I want to send actual cards via snail mail this year. Mainly because it’s the grownup thing to do. LOL

3 Items I want to buy

  1. Dresser for our bedroom
  2. Drapes for living room
  3. Rug for the living room

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