10 Natural Diet and Beauty Changes I Have Made

Here are a few ways that I have changed my lifestyle to live one that is more chemical free and natural. I hope if you have not explored them, that you will consider it. Feel free to ask me any questions you may have.

  1. Natural Deodorant-traditional deodorant/antiperspirants is full of chemicals that block your pores and may cause cancer. I switched to natural deodorant last year and never looked back. A serious disclaimer that it will NOT be the same as regular deodorant, but the pros outweigh the cons for me. I wear regular antiperspirant only on special occasions when I don’t want to possibly wind up smelly.
  2. Cups and organic pads instead of tampons-tampons and pads are another thing that are full of chemicals. Your vagina absorbs things directly as the membrane and skin is thin and porous. Besides the issues of dryness I was experiencing with pads, cups just feel better for me. I use them 80% of the time, with the exception of working out. I have not gotten to the point of reusable ones, but so far the disposable ones work well for me.
  3. 80/20 vegetarian/vegan diet– I’m embracing a more meatless lifestyle. I like it, and I don’t miss meat most of the time except for bacon. I plan on indulging, but in very small quantities and definitely no daily anymore.
  4. No sodas– I wasn’t raised in a household where my family drank a ton of soda, because my parents considered them a luxury, so I never got a taste for them. They are SOOOO bad for you so in their place I drink sparkling water or kombucha.
  5. Black soap for the face– I use liquid black soap on my face. Other than a scrub occasionally, thats all I use. It’s all natural and gets the job done. I have heard people say that it can be drying, but my skin is so oily, so I don’t notice it.
  6. Probiotics-apple cider vinegar, kombucha, sauerkraut, yogurt, and kefir, are all great for gut health, which is the center of your healing and health. You have to keep it healthy and it can be the key of so many issues if you don’t.
  7. Sunscreen everyday in the spring and summer months-I live in the south, so our sun is bright and hot. I use sunscreen pretty much daily, but especially when I am outside. Too much sun exposure can cause cancer and premature aging. They say black don’t crack, but since I’m mixed I make sure to take extra precautions, LOL
  8. Adding Supplements to my routine– my current supplementation includes collagen, b-complex, zma, iodine, magnesium, probiotic capsules, and a sleep blend.
  9. Not taking hormonal Birth control– a little over a year ago, I had issues with a lot of breast soreness and cysts popping up, I went to the doctor because I was worried, as breast cancer runs in my family. I made the decision to stop taking birth control, as I have been taking it for 12 years or so. Please really consider your health and sexual activity if you are thinking of going this route. My fiancé and I use condoms as we are not ready for children yet, and I also make sure to keep track of my ovulation period and my cycle as a whole to make sure I know whats going on each month, so that I am aware if something is off.
  10. Oil Coffee– ghee and coconut oil coffee has changed my life, I no longer have to drink more than my morning cup that I make before I head to work. I have consistent energy all day without feeling jittery or tired. I love it. I use my french press and organic dark roast coffee. I also use coconut oil, a little raw sugar and I have recently started incorporating ghee (clarified butter) into it.

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